Hai La Drum performing at Milestones

Links to some of Milestones's friends and associates


Roger Beaujolais
The UK's leading vibraphone player

Graeme Culham Jazz Quintet
Essex-based band led by explosive drummer

Dave Ingham
Musician and teacher, co-founder of Milestones

Tommaso Starace
Italian saxophonist and composer

Kate Williams Quartet
Post-bop pianist and composer

Patrick Naylor
Great London based guitarist and composer
http://www.patricknaylor.com http://www.myspace.com/patricknaylor

Lewis Wright
Young vibraphone virtuoso

Bruce’s Fingers
Free improv and experimental record label of remarkable composer / bassist Simon H Fell


Jazz Nights
Regular jazz concerts in Clare, south Suffolk

Jazz Services
The key support body for jazz in the UK

Jazz East at The Fludyers
Modern jazz club in Felixstowe run by drummer Russ Morgan and bassist Rob Palmer

Waveney Folk Club
Lowestoft fortnightly folk club running since 1972!

Peppery Productions
The best in live world music in Suffolk

Dereham Jazz Society
Live traditional, mainstream and modern jazz every Wednesday in Lyng, Norfolk

Ipswich Jazz Club
Concerts on (usually) the third Sunday in the month

Fleece Jazz at Stoke by Nayland Club
The leading live gig in North Essex every Friday. Formerly at Boxford and Kersey Mill.

Cosmic Jazz
Weekly show and blog of contemporary jazz from Ipswich Community Radio - listen online

Ipswich Jazz Collective
New group supporting local jazz musicians

Norwich Jazz Club
Long-running Tuesday night gigs of mainstream and modern in the city. Formerly Jazz at The Green Man.

Jazz at The Hunter Club
Monthly Friday night jazz gig in Bury St Edmunds


Geoff Harriman
Suffolk-based photographer

Lowestoft Gazetteer
Local guide to Lowestoft's myriad pleasures

David Newton's Alternative Professions
For those in the know this is very funny...

Jazz Life UK
Insightful local writer and photographer Bruce Lindsay chronicles UK jazz in all its quirky glory.






"The simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event as well as the precise organization of forms which gives that event its proper expression... In photography, the smallest thing can be a great subject. The little human detail can become a leitmotif".

Henri Cartier-Bresson quoted in 'Modern Culture and the Arts', ed. J. Hall and B. Ulanov (1972)


"Unlike western music, we don't have written compositions or any fixed things. So, even I don't really know what it will be. That is the greatest thrill for me, as well as the listener, because it is like cooking fresh food and serving it hot".

Ravi Shankar interviewed by John O'Mahony (The Guardian, June 3 2008)


"When I do interviews, they say music, music, music, music, music…and I say no, no, no, no. Music is second, the human being is first. What is music for? What is anything for?"

Wayne Shorter quoted in ‘Footprints’, Michelle Mercer (2004)


"Man, I could have been a poet but this stupid music keeps coming with it"

Townes Van Zandt


The truth of art lies in its power to break the monopoly of established reality to define what is real

From ‘The Aesthetic Dimension: Toward a Critique of Marxist Aesthetics’, Herbert Marcuse (1978)


"All the songs that I ever heard in my life was folk songs. I never heard horses sing none of them yet"

Big Bill Broonzy introduces ‘This Train is Bound For Glory’ from ‘Big Bill Broonzy and Pete Seeger in Concert’ (1956)


Contrary to popular belief, the past was not more eventful than the present

From ‘My Country Right or Left’, George Orwell (1940)


The Negro
With the trumpet at his lips
Has dark moons of weariness
Beneath his eyes
Where the smoldering memory
Of slave ships
Blazed to the crack of whips
About his thighs

The negro
With the trumpet at his lips
Has a head of vibrant hair
Tamed down,
Patent-leathered now
Until it gleams
Like jet-
Were jet a crown

The music
From the trumpet at his lips
Is honey
Mixed with liquid fire
The rhythm
From the trumpet at his lips
Is ecstasy
Distilled from old desire-

That is longing for the moon
Where the moonlight's but a spotlight
In his eyes,
That is longing for the sea
Where the sea's a bar-glass
Sucker size

The Negro
With the trumpet at his lips
Whose jacket
Has a fine one-button roll,
Does not know
Upon what riff the music slips
Its hypodermic needle
To his soul -

But softly
As the tune comes from his throat
Mellows to a golden note

'Trumpet Player', from 'Selected Poems', Langston Hughes (1959)